Network Operation and Maintenance

Network Operation and Maintenance

STPL is currently working on behalf of major operators of Nepal in providing maintenance services. STPL’s expertise scope includes all active (2G, 3G, Lte) elements as well as passive elements.  STPL, with its trained and efficient work force, is capable of proving top class Corrective as well as Preventive maintenance services.

STPL’s Network Operations and Maintenance service enables Network Operators to focus on the core of their business in marketing, brand building and value creation while ensuring effective network Operations and Maintenance activities thus yielding significant reduction in Operational Expenses.

Under FLM services, we offer complete packages for corrective/ preventive maintenance with supervision and maintenance of both active as well as passive equipment and infrastructure at site. With wide spread base offices all over Nepal, STPL has been functioning as on the ground workforce representing operator’s interests.

STPL has vast experience in handling the following network elements under its FLM services

  • All active elements installation/troubleshooting
  • Power elements (Power systems, Battery systems etc.)
  • MW installation, tuning and troubleshooting.
  • Network Elements (switches and routers)
  • Power elements like:
  • Solar panels (Installation, replacement & maintenance)
  • Generators (Installation, automation, replacement & maintenance)
  • Electricity (connections, repairs and maintenance)
  • Civil Work (repair of damaged or deteriorated structures like Equipment Pads, Sunshade, Tower fittings etc.)