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About Us

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Established in 2011, Safeway Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a managed service provider. Experience in the field of Telecom and Optical Fiber Networks We offer our enriched experienced workforce to build & manage Telecom networks in Frontier Markets and Tough Terrains, as well as optical fiber link solutions Safeway Technology Pvt. Ltd., has thought and acted outside the traditional boundaries of business. This stems from our belief that every challenge brings new opportunities, and we’re driven to identify these possibilities at every turn. Our ability to quickly adapt changes has helped Telecom companies to better serve customers. Today, we are at the forefront of what’s next in maintenance support plus we have the technology innovations and to successfully support Telecom companies. From our earliest days, we have supported the large and rapidly growing telecom customer management market. We enable companies to leverage our emerging technologies to meet the rapidly changing needs of their customers. It has continued to evolve to meet customer’s requirements. We build long-term relationships and create technology advances in customer experience delivery that allow our clients to seamlessly serve their customers. 

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Safeway Technologies envisions providing the Nepalese society with state-of-the-art, innovative, and cost-effective Intranet and Communications related solutions and efficient services as required.




Safeway Technologies pledges unparalleled services, geared towards the fulfillment of the needs of corporate customers while incorporating the Nepalese society as a whole. 




By persevering with our mission, we will expand Safeway technologies Pvt. Ltd. into a recognized icon of our industry. We will achieve this by establishing leaders in all continents and have a viable presence in all major marketplaces. We plan to aggressively expand our Customer base by providing up to the minute training in all aspects of our business. We will achieve this business expansion simply by continuing to do what we do best, that is, provide the technology and train the field to service the Customer needs. We understand our responsibility to support all tiers of the business. We believe that along with our Customers and Consultants, our Affiliates are the most vital component of the Safeway technologies Pvt. Ltd. family. 




Telecom companies and service providers are crucial media for communication in this day and age. With the vastly different terrains of Nepal, telecom services are possibly the only medium for connecting the rural population to the outside world as well as give them access to the world. Therefore, telecom sites are being installed in various sites of Nepal. Some are placed in the metropolitan cities of the country while many are being placed in the far-flung areas of the country. In many of these sites, accessibility and maintenance remain a big challenge to every provider due to the diversified terrain of the country.  Furthermore, the operator’s business situation today is shaped by fierce competition. When competing for market share, the operator’s ability to provide the right mix of end-user services with high service availability becomes the key success factors. 

Thus, bearing in mind the importance of day to day maintenance of critical telecom and communication equipment, a pool of young dynamic professionals came up with a novel idea of establishing a Communications expertise outsourcing company.  Thus after much deliberations, the company name “Safeway Technologies P. Ltd” (STPL) was derived and was brought into existence with core objectives of providing specialized telecom and Optical services.

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